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Zuzamo is transcending through crisis
towards a new way to financial independence.

Go to the COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal for more information on Covid-19.
As we observe our Governmental regulation on Covid-19, we commit to give away a Complimentary Gift of our Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser with every new account opening.

We have also partnered up with a Virtual Mall to bring you all your necessities from stores to your doors with discounts of up to 100% cash back.
With Zuzamo, you save every purchase.

Zuzamo is currently extending an offer of shareholding to the first One Million Women who create Zuzamo Prestige accounts.
Zuzamo Prestige accounts are wallet accounts specifically created ONLY for the One Million shareholders.
This type of account offers more benefits, including up to 50% travel discounts.

Anyone can apply for a Zuzamoney e-Wallet or join our Zuzamo Stokvel. Submit an application or request and we will contact you to assist with your on boarding process.

Latest News




Community Portal

We will be launching our new community portal where members can register.




2D Transact and Life Style Services

We will be launching our 2D Transact and Life Style Services to put your E-Wallet at your fingertips.

We are
Women In
Power (WIP)

Zuzamo is a product of a Black Women Owned Fintech Company called WIPFIN (Women in Power), our investment approach is driven to create wealth for all members. We understand the challenges of inequality and the struggle to care for our children and family members. We know how difficult it is to save, let alone invest and create wealth and how every cent saved is the result of much sacrifice. We want to leverage our network of Women in Power to create wealth and give access for better inclusion.

What we do

We Develop Communities

We develop communities for stokvel members and help organize and educate communities to be more financially empowered.

We Administer

We ensure governance, records management and administration so that communities are able to participate in formal financial markets.

We Invest

We invest in markets where there are high concentrations of capital and economic activity that are beyond the reach of most communities.

Our Program of Work

Collective Investment

Members contribute as a collective, the contributions are invested for a 12 month period and shared after the 12 month investment plan.

Contributions from R300

Zuzamo Stokvel has 4 Investment Levels: R300 (Classic), R3000 (Gold), R6000 (Elite) and R15000 (Elite Power).

Quick Account

It takes few minutes to setup a Zuzamo account. It comes loaded with unique features. It is quick to receive payout, do withdrawals and redeem rewards.

Digital Wallet with Card

Zuzamo Stokvel allows you to create a Digital Investment Wallet account connected with a Debit card for easy payouts, withdrawals, sending, receiving money, spending and redeeming rewards.

2D Transact Secure

The Digital wallet transactions are secured by a patented 2D Transact feature, all online transactions are 2D secured. No personal information nor account details are shared during online transactions, POS and Merchant transactions.

Free Whatsapp Support

We are always available to answer any of our members' questions and queries through the WhatsApp Business Platform. We also offer support for those who are interested to be Ambassadors for the Zuzamo Brand and in helping out in spreading the message.

Zuzamo Membership Application

Zuzamo Onboarding Process

STEP 1: Create new account by filling in the onlineregistration form

STEP 2: Receive confirmation email with further instructions

STEP 3: Complete KYC process by taking a selfie and uploading ID book and Proof of Residence

STEP 4: Receive application approval

STEP 5: Order card and have it personalised and delivered to you

STEP 6: You will now have access to all digital services

Application for Membership

PLEASE NOTE: We are in the process of migrating to our new platform. Covid-19 has been a disruption but we are also using the time to improve our systems and processes. We will keep a record of your application. Thank you for your patience as we will get back to you when we start our new take on process.

Contact Us

WIP Group iMali

Head Office: Clearwater Estate, Atlas Road,
Boksburg, Gauteng

Operations: 150 Rivonia Road, Morningside,
Sandton, Gauteng

Country: South Africa



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PLEASE NOTE: We are in the process of migrating to our new platform. Covid-19 has been a disruption but we are also using the time to improve our systems and processes. We will revert back with updates.